Monday, October 10, 2005

progression with digital story

rahhhhhh!! trying to create a digital story without the correct tools was impossible but alas the light at the end ogf the tunnell is the tech people from work if i can ever get intouch with them or when they are available.... the fine line of time delegation!!!!! well hopefully in the next few weeks i will be able to start creating!!!
fingers crossed.
i nolonger wish to through my computer out the window!

photostory 3 instructions

Downloading Micrsoft Photostory 3
For easy to use, free digital story software, using Microsoft Photostory 3 is a fair option.Most of us are familiar with the Microsoft interface, so its not hard to learn the new software.1. Downloading the SofwareGo to the Microsoft Photostory 3 download site.Click on the Download button.A dialogue box will appear asking you to Run or Save the file 'PStory.msi'. Select Save.A new box will pop up, showing your files.Navigate to where you would like to save the file. My Documents is fine for now.2. Installing the SoftwareGo to the My Documents folder (or where you told the file to save).Double click on the file PStory.msi"Run" the file, when asked by the next dialogue box.You will then be asked to go to a website to validate your software.This is a checking process by Microsoft, to make sure you have a real copy of Windows.Only then are you entitled to the free Photostory software.So follow the prompts to validate your software at the website.You may need to return to the folder you downloaded the software to, and double click the MSPhotostory icon, to restart the installation. For some reason, the validation interupts the installation. You may have to start it again.Follow the prompts in the Installation Wizard, clicking "Next". Just accept all the default settings.Once you click "Finish", the software will appear in your programs list(Start > Programs).The software is easy to use, click around, have a look and have a go!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


september has just rolled arounfd and well i have been trying to work with the resources i have got and slow and steady wins the race. new computers up and happening but softwear is my problem... free stuff that is easy to use anyone???

Thursday, August 18, 2005

frustration central

well well well i feel like chucking it out the window my computer that is!! no one seems to be able to answer my questions and it is really confusing to try and learn in hostile environment

Monday, July 04, 2005

time is precious

time is so very very precious. as acting coordinator it seems paperwork is piling up

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sharing the knowledge

Thanks heaps L2L crew and Sydney institute of TAFE and Powerhouse your knowledge and wisdom has enlightened and inspired me. I now have creative practical tools to enhance classroom activities and engage young people with creative expression.
sharing my experiences with a few of my colleagues they too are waiting with baited breath to hear the music and visual compilations.
I cannot not express my humblest gratitude enough for the opportunity to learn new skills that have expanded my learning and teaching capacity.
peace & respect felicity

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

one of the best australian musicans EVER
listen for yourself

free tools

Free ToolsGimp: Like photoshopOpen Office : Just like Microsfot Office - yep, it will talk to your Office files and other people's office filesFlickr: free photo hosting and sharingSkype: free voice online (make phone calls - cheap!)

indigenous link


soundhouse at powerhouse
the technology was at my fingertips resonating through my ears, toes tapping and beats pumping...
i made this composition using acid pro 4.... reminicing on my teenage years when i first recorded music was using this equipment.
it was so easy to create dictate resonate
check out how to DIY

Monday, June 27, 2005

if you are experiencing tough times check this out

the L2L site has lots of interesting useful information

technophobe NO MORE

wow wow wow wow wow !!!!!
life is the most amazing journey, once upon a time i would never have comprhended that technology would be useful to me and my learnings of the world.
this is awesome!!!!!